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Thin Bed Pillow

$78 Per Pillow | 20% Off for set

Looking for an ultra thin, low-profile, even flat pillow? Are you a stomach sleepers who throws pillows off the bed in the middle of the night due to their height? Do you have neck pain because of too-tall pillows and struggle to find flatter, soft pillows you can mold to your liking?

Meet Doris’ ultra thin bed pillow. This flat pillow is ultra-soft, made with recycled plastic bottle fiber fill upcycled in the U.S., and blown to custom fill specifications used by luxury hotels and interior designers for more than 50 years.

The gel-like feel of the pillow ensures both sides are the “cool” side throughout the night. And best yet, the pillow is made in a no-foam factory, is never sprayed with chemical flame retardants, is never compressed and helps divert plastic bottle waste from landfills.

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Comfort Without Compromise




No chemical
flame retardants

Made in the U.S.

Recycled fiber fill

About Doris

Recycled Plastic Fill.
Luxury Feel.

Doris pillows are machine-washable, hypoallergenic and built to custom loft standards. Each Doris pillow diverts 14 plastic water bottles from landfills, recycling them to create comfort you can sleep on and feel really, really good about.

Our Recycled

Plastic Bottle Fiber Fill Details

We source fiber fill from factories in the U.S. that produce 100% post consumer polyester bottle flake. This fiber is produced from raw material waste, which would otherwise go to a landfill. This particular post-consumer waste is recovered from the consumer supply chain, primarily from beverage bottles, which are recycled and then ground and processed as a polyester staple fiber feedstock.

These factories are committed to maintaining an environmentally sustainable business. All rPET manufactured fiber fill is made in the U.S., diverting plastic bottles from landfills, and is 100% certified recycled content.

600 Million Recycled
Plastic Bottles

180 Years of Experience

2 Recycled PET Manufacturing
Plants in the U.S.

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Don’t like sleeping on our thin pillow? Send it back and we’ll donate it to a homeless shelter. Comfort doesn’t have to be a luxury. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a flat pillow?

Tons of sleepers prefer to use a low profile, thin or flat pillow in their bed. The advantages of a flat pillow range from optimal spine alignment at night to the ability to fold and adjust height throughout a sleep cycle.

Many pillows sold online and in-stores cater to folks who like big, fluffy and high loft pillows. This makes it more difficult for shoppers who prefer slim and thin pillows to find the right bed pillow. To make up for this, many people keep pillows for far too long (you should replace pillows every 2 years) to “smoosh” them to the height they like.

That is not necessary with our thin pillow.

As always, whether you love a fluffy or flat pillow, finding an option with a pillow height you find comfortable is important to maintaining deep and restful sleep. Shop our Classic or Thick pillows if the Flat pillow is not right for how you sleep.

What is the best thin pillow?

The best thin pillow depends entirely on your fiber fill and height preferences. There are 3 main types of fiber fill:

  • Memory Foam: Memory foam pillows have become some of the most popular pillows on the market because they are cheap to produce and inexpensive to ship. Foam pillows, however, are highly flammable and must be sprayed with chemical flame retardants to meet U.S. regulations. In addition, memory foam heats up throughout the night and is the least-cool of all pillow types.
  • Down: Down pillows are historically the oldest, most-used type of pillows. They are made from animal down, typically duck. Many people refuse to use down pillows due to the use of animal products, while others feel that down pillows are the best, most luxurious on the market. They are the most expensive pillows on the market. They do maintain a cool feel throughout the night. They are not, however, hypoallergenic, making them a poor choice for people with allergies. They are also not machine-washable.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic pillows are made from a variety of materials. Doris pillow uses certified recycled plastic bottle fill that feel more like gel, keeping the pillow cool, foldable and hypoallergenic. Synthetic pillows are often the least expensive on the market, but be careful: synthetic fiber fill ranges in the type of fill and can thus range from down-like pillows to the cheap pillows at your local motel.

Are flat pillows bad for your neck?

If you wake up with neck pain, it can be because you’ve slept on a pillow that was too high and thick –– or too flat and thin –– for your sleep style and body frame. If your pillow is too high, it can throw your head too far forward and strain your neck. This results in waking up with soreness or stiffness in your traps (the muscle in your upper back, shoulder blades and neck) or pain radiating down your back.

To avoid pain, many doctors advise using a pillow that enables your head, neck and spine to remain in neutral alignment, meaning your body rests in a “horizontal straight line.” The pillow should fill the space between your neck and the mattress to keep your head resting parallel and level, relative to the bed.

Are flat pillows good for stomach sleepers?

Specialists generally recommend that those who prefer stomach sleeping use low profile, thin pillows for better sleep. These types of pillows keep the head closer to the mattress and not cause excess strain on the neck.

Do back sleepers like flat pillows?

While specialists recommend high or thick pillows for side sleepers and medium-height pillows for back sleepers, some back sleepers and side sleepers are drawn to thin pillows out of personal preference.

Subjective likes and dislikes typically determine whether a pillow is comfortable for your body and sleep style. When it comes to pillow height for your sleep position, let your past experience and preferences dictate.

Can I use a thin pillow as a secondary pillow?

Of course! A low profile, relatively flat pillow is a great option to use as secondary support: If the pillow is malleable, you can fold it and place it between the knees while side sleeping to reduce strain on the hips and lower back.

Or you can place a thin or flat pillow underneath your stomach, lower back or knees to alleviate pressure on the hips and spine. Some sleepers even like a thin and flat pillow that they can fold in half and bunch up for extra support underneath their head and neck.

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